Mixed tillandsia (airplants)


Buy 3 air plants for £15

Native to the South Americas, Tillandsia or air plants as they are commonly known are a member of the Bromeliad family. Tillandsia make one of the most striking and easy to care for houseplants available.

Can be presented on their own, in glass bowls, mounted on cork, used in paludarium or terrariums.

(£6 per air plant, or 3 for £15)



A common misunderstanding about air plants, is that they do not need any care at all. Unfortunately, this is not true. Though, relatively they do require very little care. Originally, air plants are able to live from the humidity in the air, which is why they are called so. It is a very strong type of plant, needing less care than most of the other type of houseplants. Air plants have little fuzzy grey/white hairs on their leaves, which are called trichomes. Via these structures, they are able to get the needed nutrients from the air in a very effective way. The humidity in their native areas is much higher than here, which is why air plants do need some care!

How to care for air plants?

  • Spray your air plant regularly / soak your air plant. Specific information can be found below.
  • Put your air plant in a bright spot, preferably with air circulation as it needs to dry off after watering
  • Protect your air plant from frosts at all times
  • Protect your air plant from direct sunlight (indirect sunlight is the best)

Air plant in an open environment
In warmer months, it is perfect to spray your air plant once/twice a week. This can be done once every two weeks during colder months. Preferably spray your air plant with the Take Air plants care spray, which has the right fertilisers. It can also be done with water (preferably natural water, but hard water is also fine). Important is that air plants need time to dry off completely. In addition to regular spraying, soaking the air plants monthly is very much recommended. Feel free to read more about the ‘soaking method’ at the bottom of this page.

Air plant in open glass
Basically the same care as discussed above, applies to air plants in an open glass. However, it is very much recommended to get the air plant out of the glass once you spray it. Also, the advice is to let the air plant dry off completely before putting it in the glass again. Spraying with the Take Air plants care spray is preferred, whereas it is also possible with water (natural water is better than hard water/water from the tap). To further improve the health of your air plants, the monthly soaking method can also be applied here of which the details are discussed at the bottom of this page. Important is to always let your air plant dry off completely before putting it back in the glass.

Air plant in closed environment/closed glass
Once/twice a week, give your air plant a spray of water or preferably Take Air plants care spray (once/twice every two weeks during colder days). Put your air plant back in the glass once it has completely dried off. As air plants value air circulation, they could deteriorate more quickly when put in a closed environment, like a closed glass. Therefore, keep a good eye on the appearance of the air plant. Whenever you see that it’s losing colour or starts to look a little different/ less healthy, we recommend you to apply the soaking method. This method is discussed in detail at the bottom of this page. The most important thing after soaking, is to let the air plant dry off completely in an open environment with good air circulation and bright light (no direct sunlight). After the soaking method, you’ll find your air plant getting its strong and healthy look again, after which it could be put back into the glass. Whenever you see the same deteriorating process happen again, the process can be repeated.

Soaking method

To make your air plants even more happy, it is recommended to soak them monthly in a container with water (natural water is preferred over hard water). Your air plants will suck up the water for a period of time. After 30-60 minutes of soaking, the air plants like to be put in a bright spot with good air circulation to dry off completely. You’ll see the air plants getting their strong and healthy look after that. Very important is the drying off process.

To further help you with the soaking method, we have provided some visuals below:

Step 1: Soak your air plants in lukewarm water. Try to use filtered water or preferably rain water.

Step 2: Wait for 120-180 minutes.

Step 3: Gently shake off the water of your plants. Allow them to dry off completely.





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