Our Story


Scaped Nature was set up by husband and wife team Ray and Gill McCune in August 2018.  Combining Ray’s passion for aquascaping with Gill’s creative flair for terrariums and moss art they set out to create something that people would fall in love with.  After months of working on the store and creating displays, Scaped Nature opened its doors to the public in Norwich for the first time on January 26th 2019. 

Ray discovered aquascaping when he set up an aquarium for his young son Dara and was immediately captivated by the hobby and its possibilities. Within a year Ray had three aquascaped tanks running at home and had decided he wanted to turn his hobby into a full time pursuit; promoting aquascaping and making it accessible to a wider audience. 

For Gill, creating kokedama and terrariums, offered the perfect way of achieving mindfulness and enjoying the health benefits of connecting with nature in everyday life.  This fitted perfectly with Gill’s other career as a women’s natural health therapist. 

Together Ray & Gill hope to offer something truly unique to customers, that brings together a whole range of planted arts and hobbies in a way that will enable people to connect with and enjoy the beauty of nature indoors.    

Ray & Gill are grateful for the support and dedication of their friend George Farmer in making Scaped Nature a reality.  He’s been a constant source of inspiration and his expertise and skills have been invaluable throughout.   

Lastly, Ray & Gill would like to thank the amazing team at Green Aqua in Budapest, NADA in Antwerp and the wider aquascaping community for the warm welcome, inspiration, encouragement and advice that have helped Scaped Nature along the way.


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