Bacopa comes in two popular species - B. caroliana and B. ‘Compact’. It’s a bright green stem plant that’s easy to grow and suitable for most levels of aquascaper. It’s a fast-grower and therefore a great option for a new set-up where algae is more likely.

The compact variety is slightly a slower grower and remains shorter than B. caroliana cousin, with brighter green leaves. In good lighting the growth is even more compact and attractive. It is a tolerant of lower lighting and non-CO2 injection so is another ideal option for the low-tech aquascaper. In higher energy systems it can grow very quickly and will be in need of frequent trimming to keep it in check.

Off-cuts can be replanted to provide more plant biomass and new shoots will readily grow from the old stem wherethe plant was trimmed.

Bacopa is best planted in groups of stems - typically three stems can be
inserted into the same point in the substrate. Pale growth is often a symptom of a nutrient deficiency so simply add more liquid fertiliser such as EA Aquascaper Complete Liquid Plant Food or Tropica Premium or Specialised Nutrition.

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