Bioactive enclosures - what, why and how to make your own happy ecosystem

Here at Scaped Nature, we are all about bringing nature indoors. We're no different when we're keeping animals, and we try and create enclosures that are naturalistic and that mimic the animals natural habitat as best we can. 

But what does bioactive mean?

Bioactive is exactly what it sounds like - meaning that it is biologically active. One thing has an impact on another, and you're aiming to keep a small scale stable ecosystem in one enclosure. Enclosures have a natural floor covering (like a substrate) and are fully planted with live plants that provide cover and humidity for your animal whilst making use of the nutrients in your enclosure to grow. Then, micro fauna are added (we call them the clean-up crew - think springtails and isopods) that help deal with any mould and keep on top of the waste that your main inhabitant creates, and best of all, it doesn't just look great and keep your pet happy, it also means much lower maintenance for you. 

What animals can I keep in a bioactive set up we hear you cry! Well, most things to be honest. When most people think of bioactive set ups, they think rainforest and jungle, but bioactive can work just as well for desert species too. So, whether you are keeping dart frogs or chameleons, boas or bearded dragons, there's a bioactive set up that's right for you and your animal. You can even have bioactive set ups for your hamster! 

How do I start?

We sell all the equipment that you need to either start your bioactive enclosure from scratch, whether you are thinking of changing your regular enclosure to bioactive, or you are already there and just want some new things. 

We have a range of;

We also happily provide advice and guidance about how to get the best set up for your animal. 

Bioactive enclosureIf you are interested, you should be! The bioactive approach not only opens up a whole new world for your pet, it also gives you the opportunity to learn about ecology, biology and the nutrient cycle. It is hugely rewarding to be able to watch their home grow and to be able to provide them with most healthy and natural home they could possibly have in captivity. 


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